About “Front Parking Sensor System”

Elitek have 3 kinds of Front parking sensor system.

First of all,the most common solution is “both front and rear parking sensor system”,it means one system is with just one control unit and 6 or 8 sensor eyes. 4 Sensor eyes are installed on the rear bumper,the other 2 or 4 sensor eyes are installed on the front bumper.They are actived by the brake singal.

Eg: EB01-6-MF1 it’s a buzzer parking sensor with 6 sensor eyes MF1.

       ED02-8-TF0 it’s a LED display parking sensor with 8 sensor eyes TF0.

Secondly,the widely used front reversing sensor system is actived by brake signal also.But it’s the independent front parking sensor system,it means it just has one control unit and 4 sensor eyes.

Eg: FB01-4-MF0 it’s a buzzer parking sensor with 4 sensor eyes.

      FD01-4-RFP it’s a led dispaly parking sensor with 4 smart sensor eyes.

At last,Elitek just pushed out a new “front parking sensor system”,it’s actived by the SPEED signal.

Mode 2: front sensors start working when driving speed < 12km/h.
a. Relative distance to object stay unchanged for 5 seconds, the beeping stops.
b. When the distance to object moving than 10cm, the beeping resume to alert.

For more details,please check our user manual as below link or contact with our sales working at Exporting Dept.


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Merry Christmas!(Elitek parking sensor,Everywhere)

Merry Christmas!(Elitek parking sensor,Everywhere)

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New LED display parking sensor

New LED parking sensor LD03-4-MF1:

1.Quality LED display with “button” to on/off the internal buzzer invoice.

2.Dual Color display(yellow and red)

3. Self-test function automatically when switch on

4. Support 2/3/4 sensor kits.(LD03-4-MF1/LD03-3-MF1/LD03-2-MF1)

5.All weather design

6. waterproof socket for the sensor cable is optional

**CM precision.

**Wireless LED parking sensor system is available also.LW03-4-MF1


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New item will be released in the begin of 2012–Car DVR Rearview Mirror

New item will be release in the begin of 2012–Car DVR Rearview Mirror,mobile driver recorder.

For details,please kindly contact with us.

(Elitek,Exporting Dept.)

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FCC Certification Released,for all of our Parking Sensors

FCC Certification Released,for all of our Parking Sensors ,

For clear big photo,please kindly contact with our Exporting Dept.








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CE Certifiction Released

CE Certifiction Released,for all of Elitek current parking sensors.

If you are interested in the original file or the testing reports,please kindly contact with us.

(From Elitek Export Dept.)

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Elitek Technology prospect of parking sensor

Elitek Technology prospect of parking sensor:

with the big development of modern parking sensor technology,currently there is a new trend in the market that Resources Integration of parking sensor becomes more and more popular,for example,parking sensor can be compatible with Driving recorder,which is benefical to search proof when incurs traffic accident,therefore,there is important practical meaning.in order to adapt new developed situation,Elitek is actively taking some technology innovated measurements to lift parking sensor quality and sicence level such as new millimeter accuracy display,blue tooth function.

(From Elitek Export Dept.)

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Parking Sensor(PS)

Parking Sensor, namely as PS .Some one also call it parking distance control, briefly as PDC. Which is car automotive aid equipment of parking and reversing ,so It can effectively improve safe  performance of driving.

Market of parking sensor in china start in the 1980s in the some extent, in Which Only Some famous car producers such as BMW and Benz use original parking sensor matching with their own cars. but later situation is changed that parking sensor career is more open and start to enter free market.

Currently Ultrasonic parking sensor has become mainstream of parking sensor Market. although, some new items of parking sensor are developed such as Electromagnetic parking sensor, because of some coherent unsolved defection, still Can not replace ultrasonic sensor as main lead of parking sensor.

Elitek has developed various parking sensor items with good price and good performance such as car, SUV, truck series through consistent efforts since 2003,so our parking sensor product has won great reputation and praise from wide clients.

We trust that we will continue to create more innovative and multiple products to feedback our new and old clients.

More Info: http://www.elitek-parkingsensor.com/en/parking-sensors.html

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Welcome to Elitek Blog,we will show our the updates of our parking sensors information and the news about “in-car electronics” here.

If you have any suggestions or any information for us,please leave message here.


Elitek Exporting Sales Team.

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