About “Front Parking Sensor System”

Elitek have 3 kinds of Front parking sensor system.

First of all,the most common solution is “both front and rear parking sensor system”,it means one system is with just one control unit and 6 or 8 sensor eyes. 4 Sensor eyes are installed on the rear bumper,the other 2 or 4 sensor eyes are installed on the front bumper.They are actived by the brake singal.

Eg: EB01-6-MF1 it’s a buzzer parking sensor with 6 sensor eyes MF1.

       ED02-8-TF0 it’s a LED display parking sensor with 8 sensor eyes TF0.

Secondly,the widely used front reversing sensor system is actived by brake signal also.But it’s the independent front parking sensor system,it means it just has one control unit and 4 sensor eyes.

Eg: FB01-4-MF0 it’s a buzzer parking sensor with 4 sensor eyes.

      FD01-4-RFP it’s a led dispaly parking sensor with 4 smart sensor eyes.

At last,Elitek just pushed out a new “front parking sensor system”,it’s actived by the SPEED signal.

Mode 2: front sensors start working when driving speed < 12km/h.
a. Relative distance to object stay unchanged for 5 seconds, the beeping stops.
b. When the distance to object moving than 10cm, the beeping resume to alert.

For more details,please check our user manual as below link or contact with our sales working at Exporting Dept.


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