Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Elitek Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in development, design & manufacturing of reversing sensor system in China Mainland. Our talented engineers have more than 15 years of design & producing experience in transducers, sensors and electronic control unit (E.C.U.) as well as the entire parking sensor system, which endorse our parking sensors always in high quality & most reliability.


We hold the belief of "BEST QUALITY, BEST SERVICE", so we choose the best quality components from domestic and aboard, carry out the ISO9001:2008 requirement in practice of our manufacturing & quality inspection process, and offer the best service to our customer sincerely.


As a professional manufacturer focused on parking sensors, we insist on studying & introducing new technology into our product line, developing & designing the most reliable & easy to use vehicle parking systems, improving the existing manufacturing techniques & process, implementing the quality management system to re-construct our factory operation process, and enhance the corporate operation & management level, so as to keep us being the most favorite partner and always in a leading position.


As a supplier engaged in China local sales and exporting & importing, we are fully aware of business success derived from delivering high quality & stability parking sensors to wholesalers & distributors promptly, offering competitive price with a comprehensive car reversing sensor range and keeping the customers in satisfaction.