Parking Sensors


LED Display DSPS2
DSPS2,3 color LED display with or without buzzer build in

Premium car parking sensor with "hi-lo-off" switch and 4 plastic flat sensor kit

Europen License Plate Camera
Europen License Plate Camera

Professional waterproof parking sensor system for truck and trailer,with waterproof socket,waterproof control unit,4 smart rubber flat reverse sensor kits and LED disply.IP68 solution.

Smart sensor LFP
Smart sensor LFP,22mm plastic flat sensor,have study function,can detect the spare type from real obstacles.

Bus/Coach Reversing Sensors parking sensor system 4 smart reverse parking sensor kits and LED display.

Human Voice Speaker SPK01
Human Voice Speaker SPK01,with humer voice alert supporting,all language are optional.

Wireless LED parking sensor system with 4 reversing sensor kits and Roof mounted fashion style wireless LED display.

Regular Sensor MF3
Regular Sensor MF3,the common sensor,22mm plastic plat sensor with metal clip.

Rearview parking sensor system with built in 3.5" super thin TFT LCD rearview mirror,using latest OSD technology;Eurepean License Plate Rear view camera is optional,and with 3rd party rear view camera support

Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror With 3.5'' LCD Monitor and Parking Sensors,Colorful OSD technology.

TFT LCD Rearview Mirror DSP14
DSP14,4.3" TFT-LCD rearview mirror monitor with buzzer built-in,touch buttons.

Premium car 4 parking sensor with 4 channel LED display and buzzer built in

Detecting camera
Detecting camera

Front and Rear parking sensor system is with 6 reversing sensor kits(2 for front and 4 for rear).

LED Display DSP09
DSP09,3 color LED display with buzzer built-in

SUV parking sensor system is with "high-low-off" buzzer and 4 smart plastic angled reverse parking sensor kits.

Front and rear parking sensor system with 6 reversing sensor kits(2 for front and 4 for back)

LED Display DSP01
DSP01,3 color LED display 4 channel with buzzer built-in

Regular Sensor MF2
Regular Sensor MF2,21.5mm plastic flat sensor,the most common and cheapest sensor.

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