Parking Sensors
Front and rear wireless VFD parking sensor
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Front and rear wireless VFD parking sensor

Entry level front and rear VFD parking sensor system,with 6 reverse sensor kits(2 for front/4 for rear) and wireless VFD display.

1) Car Front & Rear 6 Parking Sensor System , fit for all passenger cars
2) Sensor detection range: 0cm~2.5m
3) Display range: 40cm~2.5m
4) Improved anti-interference function
5) All weather design, plastic housing
6) 6*MF1 analog sensor, 22mm plastic angled, rear 4 x 2.5m cable, front 2 x 7m cable
7) Detection accuracy at +/-1cm
8) VFD01w sharp color VFD display, 3 Color LED 8 Channel w/ Buzzer built-in & Digital Readout
9) Power Input: 9.6~15V DC