Parking Sensors

Buzzer and Display

TFT LCD rearview mirror DSP15
DSP15,3.5" TFT-LCD rearview mirror monitor with buzzer built-in,super slim design.

Regular Buzzer BUZ01
Regular Buzzer BUZ01,with "high-low-off" option buzzer

Big Voice Buzzer BUZ02
Big Voice Buzzer BUZ02,fixed volume buzzer

Human Voice Speaker SPK01
Human Voice Speaker SPK01,with humer voice alert supporting,all language are optional.

LED Display DSP09
DSP09,3 color LED display with buzzer built-in

LED Display DSP01
DSP01,3 color LED display 4 channel with buzzer built-in

LED display DSP08
DSP08,3 color roof mounted LED display without buzzer built-in

LED Display DSPS2
DSPS2,3 color LED display with or without buzzer build in

TFT LCD Rearview Mirror DSP14
DSP14,4.3" TFT-LCD rearview mirror monitor with buzzer built-in,touch buttons.

TFT LCD Display DSP13
DSP13,3.5" TFT-LCD standalone monitor with buzzer built-in

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