Parking Sensors
Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror
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Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror

OE Level Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror

•They are “hands off”, no manual adjustments are required leaving the driver free to watch the road.
•High Reflectance>70%. Low Reflectance 6~10%; 
•Operating Voltage DC 9.0 -16.0 V ; 
•Maximum Current <450 milliamps; 
•Time to change reflectance from 55% to 15% <6.0 seconds;
•Time to change reflectance from 15% to 55% <8.0 seconds;

•OE level

•Stable quality from professional manufacturer

•3 years Warranty

•Sample is available for further evaluation

•Special support brackets for different car mountings

•Offer long term OEM/ODM service