Parking Sensors
Waterproof parking sensor
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Waterproof parking sensor

Professional waterproof parking sensor system for truck and trailer,with waterproof socket,waterproof control unit,4 smart rubber flat reverse sensor kits and LED disply.IP68 solution.

1) Truck/Trailer Rear 4 Parking Sensor System
2) Sensor detection range: 0cm~2.5m
3) Display range: 45cm~2.5m 
4) Advanced self-diagnosis with error indication
5) Improved anti-interference function
6) All weather design, waterproof ranked: IP68
7) 4*RFP rubber flat SmartSensor module built in, fit for metal tube bumper use
8) DSP01 display, 3 color LED 4 channel w/ buzzer built-in & digital readout
9) Power Input:10~35V DC