Parking Sensors

Buzzer and Display

TFT LCD Rearview Mirror DSP14
DSP14,4.3" TFT-LCD rearview mirror monitor with buzzer built-in,touch buttons.

TFT LCD Display DSP13
DSP13,3.5" TFT-LCD standalone monitor with buzzer built-in

TFT LCD rearview mirror DSP15
DSP15,3.5" TFT-LCD rearview mirror monitor with buzzer built-in,super slim design.

Regular Buzzer BUZ01
Regular Buzzer BUZ01,with "high-low-off" option buzzer

Big Voice Buzzer BUZ02
Big Voice Buzzer BUZ02,fixed volume buzzer

LED Display DSP09
DSP09,3 color LED display with buzzer built-in

Human Voice Speaker SPK01
Human Voice Speaker SPK01,with humer voice alert supporting,all language are optional.

LED display DSP08
DSP08,3 color roof mounted LED display without buzzer built-in

LED Display DSP01
DSP01,3 color LED display 4 channel with buzzer built-in

LED Display DSPS2
DSPS2,3 color LED display with or without buzzer build in

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